In the film, Inception, Cobb’s wife, Mal, pleads with Cobb to remain limbo with her after he confesses to infecting her mind with the idea that limbo is not reality. In light of the readings and lectures on skepticism write an answering the following question:If you were Cobb, would you stay with Mal?Note: 1) Answering this question depends on whether you are able to distinguish dreaming from perceiving reality while dreaming. Accordingly, a requirement of your essay is that it evaluates Descartes’ argument that such distinction is possible against doubt raised by Hume. 2) In coming up with your own answer, think about what you value more: reality (truth) or happiness.**Possible Essay Structure:**1. Introduction (1/2 page).2. Summary of Descartes’ argument with evaluation (1 1/2 pages).3. Summary of Hume’s position with evaluation (1 1/2 pages).4. Your answer to the question indicating your reasons. Be sure to include reasons why you disagree with or agree with Descartes or Hume (1 page).5. Conclusion (1/2 page).Format: Be sure to staple your essays. Include on the first page your name and student number. Use 12-point font, standard margins, and page numbers. Double-space your essay, and do not put an extra line-space between paragraphs. Add a bibliography. Follow the MLA style for in-text citation and creating the bibliography (see Vaughn, Appendix B).Length: 5 pages.**Marking Criteria:**Understanding: How well does the author understand and make judicious use of the relevant textbook and lecture material? How well does s/he understand the complexity of the issues involved? [15 marks]Argument: Does the author use cogent arguments to support his or her position? Do the claims made in different parts of the paper follow from one another and are they consistent? [15 marks]Clarity: Is the author’s position clear, with an explicitly articulated thesis, and is the paper clearly written overall? Does the paper answer the questions asked? Could another student at the same level who is not enrolled in the course understand the paper? [10 marks]Organization: Does the author reveal a plan for the paper at the outset and does s/he follow that plan? Does the paper have an explicit overall direction? [5 marks]Style: Does the author’s paper use correct grammar and syntax? Have the guidelines for proper format been followed? Has the author cited sources where necessary, following the required style? [5 marks]