Individual Essay

As this is essay style please ensure that you use a suitable introduction, paragraphs and conclusion. Academic integrity is very important and any breaches may result in serious consequences so please ensure you are careful with your research and writing and attribute appropriately. If you are unsure of something seek help early and often. UniSA has learning advisers to assist you with academic writing and referencing (see course page for details) There is also the \”your tutor\” app (course page) where a trusted adviser will review your written work for grammar, expression and writing conventions. As your course co-ordinator I am also available to offer assistance.

Minimum references 8 References At least 3 case law references and 2 legislative references.
It is anticipated that you will use case law, legislation, texts and journal articles sourced from course material for this assignment.

Essay question*

When undertaking contractual negotiations for an employment contract the employer needs to be mindful of common law principles are well as legislation. Explain.

Please note that the focus of this assignment is about applying the law taught in this course rather than significant research. It is a requirement of this assignment that you draw your material directly from the topics \”contract formation\”, \”terms\”, and \”employment arrangements\”.

At the end of this course outline is a checklist for essay assignments.

There is no need for a cover page as your assignment is submitted electronically