individual REPORT , project manager

This individual assignment requires you to develop a report that examines a project management- related scenario. The subject intended learning outcomes (SILOs) that relate to this assessment task are:
? Understand how Project Management is used as a strategic tool for business development.
? Understand the various interactions of stakeholders in the Project Management processes.
? Understand and analyse the main legal, ethical, and contextual circumstances of Project
? Clarify how Project Managers identify and assess risk in designing, developing and executing
a major project (enhanced knowledge in risk management).
? Understand and have knowledge of the importance of instituting mechanisms and controls
in the development, execution and management of a project.

You are the Project Manager for a 3-day Music Festival to be held in country Victoria across the Australia Day weekend, 2017. Past festivals had crowds ranging in size from 8,000 to 12,000. The weather is normally settled and fine at this time of the year. Local accommodation is limited and roads are typically narrow, winding and hilly.

1. Develop a Resourcing Plan, Risk Management Plan and Leadership & Management Plan for this project.
2. Discuss your chosen approach and contrast with alternatives that you assessed as not being suitable for this type of project.
The discussion of your approach and contrasting alternatives should be supported by relevant contemporary research.
The report should be written in a professional and engaging manner. Further, your discussion should be written using a report format. Some resources for writing reports can be found here:
1 Where appropriate, use tables and diagrams to augment your written responses.
The assignment requires you to have read and referenced academic research other than what is provided in the textbook. The academic research must be from academic, peer-reviewed journal articles. The academic research articles should be relevant to the topic, contemporary (i.e. published in the last 10 years) and of high quality.
Further Instructions
? There is to be a minimum of ten references in your report.
? Do not reference random, unknown websites or blogs. There are no exceptions. They can be
used as background research, but are not to be referenced.
? Base your report on academic sources, e.g. journal articles, books, chapters in books.