Industry Analysis Through Porter\’s Five Forces

Find an article about a company or industry, other than airline and coke (PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR APPROVAL BEFORE PROCEEDING). The article must be from one of the reliable sources, such as The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Fortune, Forbes, Fast Company, Business Week, New York Times, etc. In your write-up, use the Porter\’s Five Forces model to analyze the company, its resources, or its environment. Explain the purpose of the tool and offer a conclusion based on your analysis. What strategic recommendations would you offer to executives at that company/industry? (From a standpoint of somebody already in the industry)

Here is an outline:
1. Short summary of the article a short paragraph
2. The purpose of the tool (what are you looking for and why is it important to your article?)
3. Do the analysis what can be done from the article, what is missing, what can you add from your own knowledge
4. So what? What can you conclude? Make a recommendation based on the analysis you conducted.