Inference Essay

Write a two- to three-page essay explaining what you perceive to be the outside world’s assumptions and inferences about your ethnic identity or some other characteristic by which people might classify you. For example, you might identify with a national or ethnic group, or you might identify with people having certain physical traits in common, such as being thin, fat, tall, short, bald, blond, etc. You might also identify with a group that is classified by non-physical traits such as professional, political or religious affiliation or identification with a minority gender orientation or interest group. The point here is to be able to identify yourself with a group so that you can then explore and examine the negative or positive automatic assumptions people often apply to such groups.Resource for Success: Use the SmartThinking writing lab (optional – see External Links)Tips for Success:Be sure that you include all requirements of the assignment in your paper. After you write your paper, review the requirements again to be sure that you included everything. Be especially sure that you integrate concepts covered in class into your paper. Look for phrases such as \”inferences,\” \”observations,\” \”assimilation,\” \”accommodation,\” etc. Think about what has been covered in class prior to your next paper, and be sure to integrate these concepts into your paper.Be very careful not to plagiarize. If you are not clear about exactly what plagiarism is, please review the content in the syllabus. CityU exercises its Scholastic Honesty policy rigorously. All papers require APA formatted references and citations. Be sure to review your references and citations to ensure proper formatting. Be sure to follow APA guidelines for formating your paper – including a cover page and references page.All papers should be double-spaced and in 12 pt. Times New Roman. Do not use contractions (such as \”can\’t,\” \”won\’t,\” \”don\’t,\” etc.) in academic writing. Instead, use \”cannot,\” \”will not,\” and \”do not.\”