Reflection Paper and CompetenciesSee Course Calendar for Due DateFollow APA style
• Uses in the text references
• Reference list
• Grammar, spelling, punctuation
• Expected length 5-7 pages, not to exceed 10 excluding reference page
• Use a heading for each bullet point
• Do not include the actual bullet symbol in the heading.
• Use a cover page
1. As an Individual, Complete the QSEN checklist to assess your informatics competencies. Include the competency checklist in the submission.
2. Write a reflection paper regardinga. The importance and relevance of health informatics, health information, health information technology (HIT) to the MSN prepared nurse.b. How did the weekly activities and course project you achieve the Essentials in Informatics defined by AACN?c. How did the course help you achieve the QSEN informatics competencies?d. Did the course help you achieve any additional QSEN competencies?Total paper length 5-7 pages, not to exceed 10 pages excluding the reference page(s). Use a cover page. Follow APA style. Use headings. The paper should include an introduction and conclusion.