Intensive Care Units (ICUs) are considered a worthwhile expenditure of public resources in Australia. Discuss justification for this expenditure within a cost-effectiveness framework.

Your assignment should have an introduction which sets the scene and also lets the reader know what is going to be in the assignment, for example:
The first section of this paper discusses the major theories of health system design, followed by an evaluation of their positive and negative features. This is followed by a critique of their relevance in the modern day Australian health system.
2) the paper concludes with some recommendations for future models.Use Harvard or Vancouver referencing. Make sure you have adequate references and that all ideas etc are referenced. When writing essays you will often find you have 2- 3 references as a minimum in most paragraphs and between 20 and 30 in a 2500 word essay. If you find you are using less, you need to ask yourself what evidence your ideas are based on.
references should be from good publications ,onesearch, pubmed, peer reviewed.