Internal Analysis for Volkswagen Germany

This is a Strategic Management class project.
I need to do only the internal Analysis for home company of Volkswagen Germany. I will upload 2 files, The first one include: Brief description about what is the internal analysis of a company The project: (I chose Volkswagen) 1.Volkswagen Strategic Analysis 2.Performance analysis 3.External analysis for home company (Germany) 4.External analysis for host company (USA) to use it as a general image of what I\’ve did for the project. The Second file include My old paper with the Professor\’s feedback and a very good example paper.
The only thing remaining for this project is only THE INTERNAL ANALYSIS FOR HOME COMPANY (GERMANY VOLKSWAGEN).

I need to focus in my paper on:
1. Do NOT include the SWOT analysis section and instead, talk about the resources and capabilities instead. I have not to mention the SWOT analysis at all.
2. to do the internal analysis, it should have an issue to analyze it, So, I SUGGEST TO TALK ABOUT THE SCANDAL EMISSION HAPPENED LAST SEPTEMBER IN THE COMPANY.

If you have any further questions please let me know.