International Business Presentation Structure
Slide 1-2: Introduction
Outline of the presentation
Reason to choose the topic
Slide 3 -10: Analyze the entering market
Political Factors
Identify the political risk that lies with the country
Use High Impact/Likelihood Model to analyze

Economic Factors
Identify the Economic Ideology for e.g. Market Driven Economy Centrally determined economy Mixed Economies
Exchange Rate
Taxes and Subsidies

Social Factors
Religious Background you have to talk about
Ecological factors
Hofstede Cultural Model
Trompenaars (1993) cultural model

Technology factors
Product Innovation
Process Innovation
Technology Diffusion
Science and technology infrastructure
Telephony/Internet capacity
Air, water & surface transport links
Power supply and reliability
Distribution & Logistics network

Legal Factors
Foreign ownership restrictions
Environmental restrictions
Exit restrictions
Trade restrictions
TRIPS (Rights of intellectual property)

Environmental Factors
Support to environment friendly activities e.g. Organic Farming etc.
Global Warming, Carbon foot prints and Tradable permits
Millennium development goals
UN Global compact model

Slide 11-17: Compare Host Country with Home Country
Same factors will be considered to analyze the Home Country to make a Comparison between Host and Home Country though some additional models and concepts can be used under the umbrella of Economic factors to make good comparison for example:
Absolute Advantage
Comparative advantage
Relative Unit labor Cost (RULC)
Ohlins Theory of International Trade
Slide 18-20: Proposed a strategy for the company to internationalize
Based on the analysis above youre asking to propose an internationalization strategy from the following;
Indirect Exporting
Direct Exporting
Licensing and Franchising
Joint ventures
Direct Investment and Foreign Manufacture
Slide 21: Conclusion and Recommendations
A clear informative summary/conclusion with fully supported evaluations of the strategies discussed.
Slide 22: References
Harvard Reference list

u can choose any company at any country which the company didnt have outlet please … Good Job