International Law and Organizations

Understanding International Law, Conway W. Henderson, Wiley-Blackwell 2010
ISBN: 1405197641

This assignment covers chapter 10-12 of the textbook. The answer to each question should be at least one page long, single spaced. Total length of this assignment is about three pages. Please make sure that you cover key points in addressing each question. (Each 10 points, total 30 points)

1. A long-standing distinction exists between civil and political rights and social and economic rights. Is it plausible that one set is more important and should receive priority over the other, or are types of rights interdependent in the sense that they reinforce one another? (Chapter 10)

2. What is sustainable development and has the term found its way into any environmental agreement? What are the implications of population growth for sustainable development? (Chapter 11)

3. Do treaties on economic relations operate better from the global or regional levels, or is such a distinction even important? Provide specific examples. (Chapter 12)