International Relations

Please follow the instructions posted bellow, also use as many of the articles I provide you and try to keep external sources to a minimum. You may use them if you desire, but make sure I have access to them. The articles that I will be providing are the same ones you wrote summaries on, so it should not be too difficult for you to reference them.

Instructions for essay:
Use your own ideas, notes, and class readings to fully answer the question. You should make reference to specific readings and ideas.
1) The world has seen seventy years since a major fighting war between great powers. Discuss at least three possible explanations of this peace that have been advanced by scholars and conclude which factor, or factors, you feel best explains the peace.
2) Scholars have noted that in recent years there has been a zone of peace among the great powers and a zone of war involving developing countries. Pick two factors that are different between the two regions and explain how their presence (or absence) explains the level of war and peace.

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