International Relations

Follow these Instructions Exactly, do not use any sources or citations. Please contact me if you have any questions.
Complete a one page summary for the attached articles and follow this format-
A complete 1 page summary includes four parts:
1. Heading with the author, article title, and date first published (you should also think about how these facts might shape the article; for example, is it written at a certain point in history, is it written by an academic or a government official etc).
2. A one or two sentence summary of the articles main idea in your own words.
3. A one paragraph summary of the key ideas and evidence. Occasional use of a quote from the article is acceptable in this part, but the bulk of the paragraph should be in your own words.
4. A one paragraph analysis of the article. You should state whether you are convinced by the authors main idea, and whether the evidence provided convincingly supports the authors argument. Note, this raises multiple possibilities such as I agree with the main point, but feel it could be strengthened by better explaining; I feel the author supported the main point with the evidence used, but a more recent case suggests I disagree with the authors point, because it doesnt consider, etc.
You need to say more than just I agree because its right.