International Trade

This coursework is to be carried out individually and requires the student to compile an in-depth report which addresses some major issues of the international trade.

Learning Outcomes
The coursework is designed to meet the following Learning Outcomes, as presented in the module specification:
LO1 Critically evaluate a range of global trade issues
LO2 Show an understanding of trade patterns within the wider geopolitical arena
LO3 Analyse the roles and effects of international trade bodies
LO4 Critically analyse regulations and agreements on international trade

Coursework Specification and Corresponding Marks
You are required to compile a report in which you:
1. Describe the present volatility in world trade by analysing the recent crisis. (10%).
2. Examine the extent to which national government intervention and/or a failure on the part of the World Trade Organisation has resulted in the above crisis situation. (20%)
3. Discuss the link between trade liberalisation and the financial crisis, including a focus on the developing nations (30%)
4. Assess whether trade liberalisation can lead to environmental degradation, especially related to pollution from air emissions. (40%)