Internship Assimilation Paper

This semester I have held an internship as a marketing intern for Seaport Federal Credit Union in New Jersey. (website: assignment is to pull a marketing topic I\’ve learned in school and incorporate it into what I\’ve learned while working at my internship. The topic I would like discussed would be – the importance and procedure of a company\’s branding, promotional, and advertising initiatives in the banking industry.The instruction for the paper is as follows:For the assimilation paper (paper #2) pick a topic or concept that you have studied in your business classes and submit an 8-10 page assimilation paper. (Not including the title page and/or works cited pageIn the assimilation paper, you should:a. explain your understanding of the topic or concept youselected. Cite literary sources and provide a bibliographyb. explain how the concept is applied/used in the firm you are working for.Half of the paper should be devoted to (a) and the other half to (b). Be precise and objective. The intent is to provide you opportunities to relate classroom experience to the workplace. Quality is important so spend enough time to avoid having to redo papers after submission.This paper must be professionally cited and sourced and include a bibliography that contains high quality academic sources. Wikipedia IS NOT an acceptable source. However, a minimum of 5 sources are required.