Interpretation of NJ Domestic Violence Guidelines

Research Topic
General Directions

Students will type a 12 page (min) and 15 pages (max) 10-12pt font, doubled spaced research paper. For the paper, the student will identify a Management or Administrative policy that in their belief is a critical challenge in todays Criminal Justice System. In the first section of the paper, describe the policy(s) or statement of the problem. Next, describe in detail relevant theories that you think might help to explain the policy or functionality. Try to use theories discussed either in class or texts as a framework for interpreting the situation. In the final section, make changes to the policy you have researched and how it can be applied to the criminal justices system. The goal of the assignment is to integrate theory and practice whereby you can link or challenge theories with practical experience.

Cover page and reference pages do not count as part of the overall pages required. Cite all your references, paper must APA style (Strict APA writing style will be followed for this assignment ( Double spaced, 12-point font, 1 inch margins, cover page and pages numbered with running header. It must be submitted in MS-Word, not Word Perfect. Please be sure to have your name on all pages.
Research Topic

This term paper will be based on the New Jersey Domestic Violence Management Administrative Policy issued by the Office of the Attorney General. New Jersey puts the policy into effect to assist Law Enforcement and the Court with the handling of domestic violence incidents in the state of New Jersey. This policy lays out the directive for law enforcement to follow, but sometimes may be difficult since it is cut and dry and does not leave room for much discretion. Expand on this theory while including the above requested information. If the writer has any questions, please contact me. I will upload all necessary files as well as include links below.

A copy of the Law Enforcement directive part of the Domestic Violence Manual is located here.

A copy of the NJ Domestic Violence Manual in its entirety is located here.

Statistics that can be used as research references can be located here:

Required Text for the Class that includes theories that must be applied to work

Kalinich, D., Klofas, D., & Stojkovic, S. (2012). Criminal justice organizations administration and management. California: Wadsworth.