interview answer from DJI company employee ( current and previous)

Made up an interview question and answer ?main focus on answer?from employees perspective on an innovation tech drone company Named DJI (D-Ji?ng Innovations Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

Conduct 2 employees in that company.

2 sections:
1 interview from the previous employee
Question: Describe the reason why he or she choice to leave this company?
For example could be:
Hard to balance between work and life and health concern? because of work overload, work-over time
such as a blood and sweat factory reveals, wherein employees typically work ten hours per day, six days a week, with no overtime pay.

Personal training offer to employee during weekend, has to attend, sacrifice of personal time.

The critical nature of mutual expectation breaks down as promises made to employees prior to employment have never been soundly fulfilled? false promises were made simply to lure talent into the company.

1 interview from the current employee

question? describe The DJI company internal managing people and organization control?ie internal management issue?? what is most concern part you think?

for example could be?
The executives barely have information on whom they are hiring, what DJI Company wants from them, and dealings with experienced employees.

Dependent upon the competition base, the staff turnover rates remains high. It becomes increasingly difficult to find suitable people to replace the vacancies within short periods of time.
Besides, there are no clear guidelines or KPI or benchmark regarding for employee performance evaluation, empolyee feel disoriented in a results driven company, yet lack specifications on implementation of company method and requirements, making the task of internal management ever harder.
Company only focus on R&D department? the other department only have few people? they can not afford such large department daily support. etc