Introduction chapter

Project Report Elements
Take the draft attached ( me) use it to build up intro chapter
Use the other doc as example to follow ( writing style + organising sections )
NB : Be critical in writing

Introduction chapter ( 1500 words) :
Provides an introduction to the project report
Provides a clear statement of the organisational development project that you plan to introduce
It should contain:?

A- details of the organisation and context of the change:
Where it is located
When it was founded
What it does
Number of staff
Number of patients / clients
Mission Statement outline
Vision Statement outline
Cultural overview
Organization structure?Who accredits the organisation

?B- An evidence-based Rationale for undertaking the project?:( use 2 references):
In-house metrics / data OR
Literature sources regarding the wider perspective of the topic area OR
Both in-house and literature sources combined

C- Detailed description of the project with?an Aim and SMART Objectives
Describe the change that you plan to introduce Statement of the current situation Statement of the desired situation
Statement of how you going to get from the current situation to the desired situation (this is the change intervention)
Your Aim & Objectives:
Your Aim – what it is you are going to do Your Objectives – planned outcomes Why you are doing it?In order to…
The impact you expect it to have on
your organisation

?D- your role in the organisation? signpost to your remaining chapters
outline of what constitutes your role not a detailed job description
An outline of the role that you will play in the change process
not a day-to-day resume of what you will do
What your relationship will be with the change team
What your relationship will be with the project stakeholders