Intrudtion to the Nervous System (Cognitvie Neuroscience)

Download the following PowerPoint slides Chapter 1 and 2 PowerPoint“I have submitted the Power Point Slides that will you for this assignment.”“I have submitted Chapter one and two reading material” Check the Browse boxAdd text to the images as if you were creating this PowerPoint for teaching your future students. The images come straight from your textbook. Below are some guidelines for the assignment:describe them as if you were telling a family member or friend (who has limited knowledge of psychology)• You must address each slide. Do not leave any slides blank.• Your goal is to add clarifying text that demonstrates your understanding of the material discussed in the textbook. You should not simply include the information the textbook provides.•o Do not simply include the material that the text provides as the notes of the picture. Make sure that you are reading the rest of the text and including information that you have learned.o Also, apply the material to the current literature. In other words, use peer reviewed articles that show how the material that you have learned is applied in research. Make sure to include the reference(s).• Please put your comments for each slide on a word document and submit that in the assignment folder. Please label each slide (e.g., Figure 1.3, etc.) so that I know what material goes with each slide.• Make sure that you are paraphrasing and summarizing the material. Plagiarism standards apply to the assignment.•Below are some interesting videos that might be helpful in visualizing the areas of the brain.An animation of the brain can be found here: dissection of a real brain can be found here: or visit to view prints, digital, and audio study if you need to.