ITEKK Midterm

Midterm Instructions

1. Answer the four questions below. The questions as a whole are equally weighted although
the parts may not be.
2. Adequate answers for the entire examination should run approximately ten double-spaced
pages (total for all questions) with one-inch margins and Times New Roman 12-point font.
(plus a cover page.)
3. You may use any resources such as other books, articles and the Web.
4. Questions should be answered in your own words. However, when you use the words of
others in any answers, you must use quotation marks and attribute the source right there.
5. Answers will be evaluated on the following criteria: key content, logical flow, and clarity.

Exam Format

The exam is 4 essay questions. The entire exam response should run approximately ten double-sped pages with one-inch margins and Times New Roman 12 point font. References must be cited according to APA format. The exam should be in APA format with includes a cover page (not counted in the 10 page limit) and have a header and page number on the top right of each page in the body of the response.


Questiion 1. Your CEO calls you into her office to discuss the recent drop in sales. She would
like your recommendation regarding how IT might be used to generate an increase in sales.
Identify and discuss IT applications and technology that you might recommend to a small
company to help it survive and succeed in challenging economic times?

Question 2. Your CEO calls you into his office and informs you that the management reports
he receives are inaccurate and the reports that support cross functional organization needs must
be manually prepared. The CEO would like you to provide an explanation of possible causes for
lack of cross functional data and the possible causes for the information deficiencies. He would
like you to provide a recommendation to resolve these issues.

Question 3. A medium size school district is experiencing large growth and is operating with
a clearly obsolete information system. Most schools have developed their own systems to
manage school records. Each school wants to maintain control over their data. The central
office maintains a networked relational database system which is available through the Central
Office Local Area Network. The central office maintains records on 750,000 students.
The schools send the Central Office paper, excel spread sheets, database extractions and word
documents that contain the data to be entered into the central office database. These records are
mailed into the Central Office staff and are re-keyed into the mainframe.
The school district would also like to provide students and parents access to school
announcements, homework assignments, grades, and emergency alerts.
?The School Superintendent doesnt understand or have time to sort out the modern
technologies. Develop and describe your recommendation on how the school district might
become a networked enterprise that utilizes modern technology. Include key considerations, key
components, and a diagram of your recommendation.

Question 4. Short Answer.
a. Explain why network protocols are necessary for network operation.
b. Explain the types and purposes of management reports.
c. Data analytics can help companies achieve major business outcomes. List four areas
where IT can make major difference and explain how and why. Give examples.
d. Virtualization consolidates servers. Explain virtualization. How does a virtual machine
(VM) function? Briefly describe 3 key benefits of virtualization described in the text.