Job interview speech for an orthopedic surgeon with resume

nterview Speech Handout-Tse 101- Deb Flint
The interview speech is an opportunity to use our classroom \”lab11 setting to practice some of the most important public speaking that you will do- the interview. To simulate some of the challenging questions you will need to answer with confidence1 we are going to prepare and share answers to the following questions:
1. Tell me what you know about our company. What company you ask? The one you would like to work for, of course! You need to pick a real company with a found and printed job opportunity. Do actual research to answer this questions with specifics, confidence and credibility. Your answer should be complimentary and FACTUAL.
2. What is your long-range objective? You need to consider the degree that you will be earning and how it will play out in today\’s job market. Focus on achievable objectives. Make the interviewer\’s job easy heretell them why they want to hire you. Make your goals fit THEIR needs. Try to solve a problem the company has.
3a What is your greatest strength? This is your chance to shine in front of your would-be employer and offer specifics that make you stand out. You are being asked what makes you special and a great employee. Focus on work-related strengths that you possess. Do you thrive under pressure? Are you a great problem solver? Can you give an example- DO!
4d How has your education prepared you for your career? This is a broad question that requires you to focus on specific examples. What have you experienced taking college classes that prepared you to be competent in your chosen field? What sets you apart from the next college graduate that walks in with the same degree? What experiences were most relevant for you? What are the benefits of studying at Siena Heights University?
What is your favorite book and why? This is a question that has no right answer, but plenty of wrong ones- you need to think of a book that has meaning for you, shows that you are interested in the world around you, and that you are not afraid to share your personality and education. Behavioral interviewers love questions like this-be prepared to shine!
This should take you about 3 minutes if you do a good job with each question. As in an interview situation you will NOT be timed, but if you answer a question with a single sentence, your grade will reflect that lack of preparation. The form I use to grade this will offer feedback on each question\’s response as well as delivery. Overall impression is key, and remember you will be sitting-at a desk-across from me. The only difference from an actual interview is that I will allow up for 4 note cards.
You will hand in: A copy of the ad you are responding to. A resume that you would turn in when applying to this job. NO OUTLINE. NO BIBLIOGRAPHY. I will NOT accept late paperwork this time- if you don\’t bring your job posting and/or resume, you lose those points.
So the first page I need will be the answers to my interview questions and the other a resume. *I want to be an Orthopedic Surgeon so please look for a job posting of that*. Do not just choose any job, it has to be an Orthopedic surgeon job