Job Package

* must include
want to be accountant,studying in KPU ( kwantlen polytechnic university)
3 parts Job summary(1/2 page),Cover Letter(1 page), Resume (1 page)

This assignment will give you practice researching an organization you\’d like to work for.
You will create a resume and cover letter that is tailored to the specific job and
organisation and based on your real-life abilities and experience.
What you\’re handing in:
1) A copy of a job description (or link to a job description online) that you are
applying for.
2) An analysis of the job and organization and a critical analysis of your
qualifications and how you will sell yourself for this job (use the CMAPP
principles) 400-500 words.
2) A cover letter
3) A one or two-page resume
1) Job summary and organizational information
Using the job advertisement that you chose, prepare a short – 1 page description of the
position and the organization you are applying to. You will have to do a little research to
find out about the organization. For example youll need to know who will look at your
resume, as well as any other information that might help you tailor your resume and
cover letter.
Dont spend too much time on the research, but you will want to achieve two goals. First
youll want to be able to connect your qualifications to the organization and the position.
Second, youll want to make your resume stand out and show youve done research about
the company, which makes you exceptional. Explain how youll tailor your resume to
this job, interviewer and organization.
You might want to think about the following sample questions:
The Job
Are you qualified for the job? How? Youll have to show it.
What are the key qualities the employer is looking for?
Is it an entry level or a senior level position?
Why is there an opening?
The Organization
What do you know about the organization?
What is the culture like?
Is it a local, national or international organization and how might this affect your
How will working for this organization help with your career plans?
The Hiring Process
Who will be doing the interviewing?
Who is your competition?
What is the process? One interview or two? How many people will interview
The Field
What are the most important qualities in this field?
What are the future trends?
What salary would you expect or should you ask for?
How can your resume show that you would be an asset in this field?
2) Cover Letter
Write a one-page cover letter based on the strategies covered in your text and in class. Be
sure to follow proper letter format, use the persuasive strategy and tailor the letter to the
job, the interviewer and the organization.
3) Resume
Write a one or two-page resume that matches the position you\’re applying for. Be sure to
organize and word the information and design the resume to match expectations within
that actual field. Your resume should be recognizable at a glance as belonging to your
particular career field.