Job Rotation and employee engagement in Etisalat company

(Job Rotation and employee engagement in Etisalat company)

Etisalat is a telecom company here in UAE so it has Engineering, marketing, CIT, Finance, HR and other departments and i wanna write how the Job Rotation and employee engagement are affecting on employees and impacting the overall performance and quality on the company.

The dissertation should contain the below:
1- abstract
2.1 overview
2.2background information
2.3 aim of the study
2.4research objectives

3- literature review
4- key performance indicators
5- conceptual framework
6-methodology such as surveys and interviews
7-data analysis and discussion
8-brief about the organization
9-organization strategy
10-link between strategy and the subject of my dissertation
12-conclusions and recommendation
13-appendix and references.
14-charts, tables

and also if you may enrich/empower my dissertation with more you can also add it.