WEEK1. How are our food pleasures and food politics contradictory? Do you eat things that you feel guilty about? How could our food pleasures and food politics be made more compatible? Write a journal entry that addresses these questions, using the assigned reading to bolster your ideas.

WEEK2. This week\’s journal entry focuses on food media. Do you think food media actually teaches people to cook, or is purely about entertainment? Identify an example of the food media (e.g., a food magazine, a restaurant review, food-related blog post, food web-site, or a food network television program), and relate it to what you have learned in the class. If possible, include a hyperlink or insert an image so that others can see what your referencing.

WEEK3. Watch the film, FOOD INC., and write a review of this film. (The film was nominated for an academy award, and students generally find that its hits on many of the key issues in the course.)

WEEK4. Imagine that a family member is asking you, \”what does food have to do with sociology?\” How might you respond? Do you think that food is a worthy topic for a sociologist?