Key issues in sustainable tourism.

Element 010 4000 WORD REPORT (50%)
This element of the assessment requires that you identify three key issues in sustainable tourism from a specific tourism destination and/or tourism business sector perspectives and write a reasoned report about them. These issues might include sustainability indicators, climate change and tourism, corporate social responsibility in tourism, sustainable supply chains in tourism, trophy hunting and community benefits of tourism, endangered wildlife species and ecotourism, the role of food in sustainable tourism etc. The choice of the issues is yours to make. The report will be produced in two parts as follows:
First-a group element Here, you will be working in groups of 3-4 to identify the key issues of interest. Specifically, you will be asked to make an electronic poster (e-poster or suitable alternative in partner colleges) of those issues and present them in a formative way to the rest of the class in order to receive FORMATIVE FEEDBACK. The e-posters will give us an idea of what issues have been selected by each group, if these are of global nature, destination or tourism business specific or a combination of these and most importantly, why? Details of how you can make the e-posters and when you will present them for formative feedback will be discussed during week 1 and in the subsequent learning weeks.
Second individual element Here, you will individually write a report on the key issues you identified collectively in your group from the formative stage above. The individual reports that are 4000 words long will need to demonstrate the following key features:
1. A solid knowledge and understanding of the theoretical arguments FOR and AGAINST sustainability in tourism
2. A clear explanation of what your chosen key issues are and the context in which the THREE issues are being discussed. In other words, what are the specific issues you have identified? Are these being looked at from a global point of view or a destination or tourism business point of view? Why have you chosen the above context? (I.e. justification required).
3. A clear understanding of how these issues are currently being dealt with, by whom? Are there more stakeholders who need to be involved in these issues than those currently identified? If so, we need to know why this might be the case and what the implications might be if they do get involved or if they do not get involved.
4. A clear indication of your own perspective of how these issues could be dealt with, for instance is there more in the theoretical understanding of sustainability that could be made more practical in terms of the issues you have selected? Or could more be done to find conceptual understanding of some of the currently known practical sustainability issues in tourism?
5. The use of relevant examples throughout the report to make concrete, your discussions of the issues.
6. The use of the correct format (report format), clear and logical structure, well formatted and neat overall presentation, good spelling and grammar, frequent and consistent use of the Harvard referencing style.