Labor Law & Labor and Management

THIS TEXTBOOK IS A MUST FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT. Textbook needed to complete this assignment is as follows: Labor Relations: Striking a Balance (4th Edition), Author: John Budd, Publisher: McGraw Hill, ISBN-13: 978-0078029431 I DO NOT HAVE THE BOOK WRITER MUST HAVE IT

Answer the following questions after reading Chapters 3,4 & 5.

Chapter 3
Question 1 – Explain how mass production manufacturing practices influenced the rise in labor unions.
Question 2 – How has intense global competition affected the American labor movement?

Chapters 4&5
Question 1 – Explain what a \”right-to-work\” law is and discuss how it is harmful to unions.
Question 2 – Explain the two sides of the public sector collective bargaining debate that has led to the new laws such as that passed in Wisconsin to severely limit or eliminate public sector bargaining rights.
Question 3 – In what ways are traditional union models under pressure to change in the 21st century and what are some of the changes taking place?
Question 4 – Explain the concept of employee empowerment unionism and describe how it might be more desirable in certain professions such as university professors or sports than in other jobs.