Land Law

Write to Anisa and Zak advising them:

1. Whether they are entitled to insist on acquiring the carriage as part of their purchase of Locke House; and
2. Whether the contract is likely to be valid under all the circumstances and what legal and practical steps they, or Ruth, might take.

You are required to present your advice in the form of a solicitors letter to your clients. You should express your advice in language comprehensible to a non-lawyer (see assessment criterion 3 above). This means that you should, as far as is possible, avoid technical legal language and references to technical authority (statute and case law) in the body of the letter, although you should use footnotes to cite the relevant statutory provisions and cases which support your advice.

Do not invent letterheads or include addresses etc. Simply start Dear Anisa and Zak, set out your plain English advice, and conclude, Yours sincerely, A. Solicitor.

Only the main text of your letter will count towards the word limit.