Lao PDR, Vietnam Company Law

Question 1
Is there a statute on companies or business organizations (or Companies Law) in your country? When is the most recent revision of the Statute?
Question 2
Please clarify the categories of companies or business organizations in your country?
Question 3
Is there a classification of limited liability companies or close corporations (private companies) in your country? Are they similar to the limited liability companies in China? In what ways?
Question 4
Is one-shareholder Company legally allowed in your country? Who shall be qualified to be the only shareholder in this kind of companies?
Question 5
Suppose foreigners (both natural persons and legal entities) are to be incorporating companies in your country, shall they follow the same company law as the nationals or are there, if any, separate statutes or laws to regulate foreign investment in your country?
Question 6
Is registered capital applicable in your country? Suppose you are to be establishing a small internet company (e.g. a TAOBAO shop on the internet), is there any requirement for initial capital in your country?
Question 7
State-invested companies may not be popular in your country. Are these companies privileged to invest in some special industrial sectors (e.g. telecommunication, mass media and infrastructure) in your country?
Question 8
Who controls the supervision of internal corporate governance (e.g. management and financial situation) in a company according to the company law of your country?