Latino Dropouts

I am ordering chapter 4 (results) and chapter 5 (discussion). I will attach chapters 1-3, raw data (statistical tests have not been run).
The data will be presented in four files however all the data pertains to the same time period and persons. The data has dummy ids and each file contains the same dummy ids across files:
-A student will keep the same DummyID throughout all the data, enabling you to link data items
-On the Demographics Tab, there is one row per student per year. The BirthDate will allow you to calculate student age at any point in time
-On the EntryWithdrawalTab, there may be more than one row per student per year, depending on whether the student moved school/district during that year
-The other three tabs provide the meanings of the codes

Chapter 4:
The statistical tests needed and expectations for chapter 4 are laid out in chapter 3.

Chapter 5:
Must contain policy recommendations. The recommendations can and should include expanding graduation age for older ELL students so they don\’t count as dropouts (link to results). Revision of ELL curriculum to align with second language acquisition theory etc. Also recommendations can include education leadership (i.e schools)