Launching a New Motor Oil

General Instructions
attached are questions based on the case study # 9-916-507 Eco7: Launching a New Motor Oil.
Please read the case and follow the guidelines below in providing your answers.
1) Please answer the questions in the order in which they are given. Please
use lucid and concise English. All answers must be type-written, with spacing at least equal to 1 and and
no less than font size 11. In all, the total number of pages should not exceed eight (08), excluding any
tables, spreadsheet attachments, etc. Please note that while appendices or attachments may contain the
details of any analysis or calculations, their implications must be described / discussed in the text to be
2) You are not obliged to write out every point in a complete sentence; feel free to use bullet points, tables,
etc. However, I cannot read meaning into vague or incomplete answers. Make sure you explain clearly
what you wish to say.
3) In answering the questions, please be sure to explain your analysis, to make complete and specific
recommendations, to defend the recommendations, and to connect your analysis and your
recommendations. If you have to make any assumptions, please ensure that you have made them very
explicit in your answers. Avoid two common errors: analysis only or recommendations only.
4) Be guided by the weighting (in parentheses) given to each question in preparing your analysis and answers
to the four questions.
5) Where you may have to cross-reference your answers across questions, please do so in a manner that
brings out your arguments in a complete and cogent manner.