Lay Audience

Lay Audience Material: Each student develops a print document (intended for a lay audience) that is related to his/her proposed project. This document may take several forms, including but not limited to:
A short article (e.g. for a community newspaper) on the health problem and purposed approach to addressing the problem.
The script for a public service announcement.
A brochure describing an epidemiologic study or behavioral intervention that would be provided to potential participants.
An infographic related to the public health problem.
The document may be no more than one-page and must be accompanied by a one paragraph description of the purpose of, and intended audience for the document.

I will attach my paper that you will create the lay audience of and I will also attach couple of documents to guide you how to make a Lay Audience. Also please refer to external sources to get better knowledge on how to make it specifically for policy.

Written Documents Formatting:
The text portion (including references) for the individual proposal parts, final proposal and all text components of the group proposal packet must use the following formats:
Arial 12 point font
1 inch margins
Left justified text
Last name and page number in upper right header

All tables and figures should be placed after the text. References should follow the tables and figures. The following formats may be used for tables (including evidence tables) and figures (including the conceptual model):
11 point font
inch margins
Justification as appropriate to the document
Last name and page number in upper right header