Leadership Across Culture. A case study of: Manageing diversity in the hotel sector: the emergence of a service quality opportunity

Your response should be in the form of an academic essay.

Your writing should remain clear, concise and your line of argumentation should be evidence based.

Use your knowledge of the subject and relevant theories or models to provide academic support to your writing.

Refer often to the academics and sources that we have reviewed in class. Try to go beyond these sources to expand and explore key themes.

Your response should have the following structure:

Introduction, body (incl. sub titles, e.g. questions could be used as sub titles) conclusion
References (in text throughout the report and list of references towards the end of the report, Harvard style)

Questions to help you respond to the paper in full:

What key distinctions are made between equal opportunity employment and diversity management?

What benefits and challenges can be attributed to managing diversity? Are these benefits and challenges relevant to the hospitality industry and if so, in what way?

Which diversity management approaches are discussed or mentioned in the article, can you explore and expand these further?

What advice or guidance would you offer a hospitality organization to help them manage diversity effectively?