Leadership and Management Essentisals

Health sector Literature review Presentation
1. Focus your study on health sector
2. 2. Review academic literature on leadership theory
3. 3. Elaborate on what leadership challenges managers face in that sector
4. 4. Apply leadership theories and studies to make evidence-based recommendations

– Carry out a review investigating the health sector in context.
– Academic literature with respect to the theory of leadership/management in the sector.
– The implications of this leadership/management theory for practice.
– The challenges leaders/managers face in health sector.
– Present your findings professionally
– Marking criteria is in a separate document.
– Prepare a 2-page executive summary.

You must include an evaluation and critique of leadership and management within the sector. You may include the identification of risks (threats or opportunities) and an evaluation of change initiatives. You should be: a. Analyzing industry/sector. (You need to do this to understand and underpin part c. below) b. Analyzing and exploring relevant concepts. (Likewise part c. below) c. Exploring/evaluating leaders/leadership and/or managers/management and their achievements. This is the main component. d. And perhaps analyzing change processes including resistance and learning.

Comprehensive mastery of the specialist area demonstrating exceptional insight and awareness. Presents extensive evidence of critical and deep knowledge of the specialist and related areas. Shows ability to challenge and develop existing theory and/or professional practice within the specialist area. Demonstrates outstanding originality in the application of knowledge and development of theories, policies and practice. Displays outstanding potential to be a leading practitioner or researcher within the specialist area. Work should be of a publishable standard.

Sector context and analysis 5
Identification of appropriate leadership/management literature 10
Identification of the implications of the theory for practice 10
Identification of challenges leaders/managers face 10
Critical analysis of the academic leadership/management literature 20
Critical analysis of implications of the theory for practice 20
Critical challenges leaders/managers face 15
Presentation techniques and documentation Including Harvard Referencing 10