Leadership and Self-reflection

Further assessment details Thought Leadership Piece and Individual Reflection Portfolio:

I am currently doing this business project course? Me and all my team member (5 of us) were sign to IT base company (Australian), Identify and recommend expansion and market entry opportunities in Asia pacific area), contributing to their overall objectives to increase revenue, gain customer acquisition and build market share in the Asia Pacific Region

Essay should contain 2 parts:

part 1: Thought Leadership Piece (around 1000 word):

The Thought Leadership Piece is an individual assignment that is essentially a promotional or selling tool for your consulting services.

It will be disseminated via LinkedIn and act as a platform from which to present your profile and establish a virtual professional presence among future colleagues and potential employers.

This profile will be built via a discussion of your approach to the consulting work undertaken for the Business Projects. The primary basis of discussion will address your ability to identify and identify the key business issues, discuss the challenges to the project and the ways in which these were overcome and finally the value added for the partner organisation.

It is important to note that this is NOT a prescriptive piece of writing that outlines the process and stages of your Business Project. It is about discussing a key idea, finding or insight, that has stemmed from your work and potentially has wider interest and relevance to the stakeholders and industry.

This assessment is an opportunity to showcase your efforts to a wider industry group of colleagues and potential employers, as well as gain some authentic feedback in terms of response from this external audience.

For further details on content and criteria please see the UOS Outline and marking sheet posted on Blackboard under assessment.

part 2 Individual Reflection Portfolio ( around 2000):

The Individual Learning Reflection Portfolio is an opportunity to conduct an extensive individual reflection on the entire Business Project experience looking primarily at the group performance and your role as a member of the group in achieving the desired outcome.

Specifically the portfolio looks at reflecting on the entire scope of learning throughout the process from an academic, consulting, group dynamic and personal growth perspective. We are equally interested in an appraisal of the management and consulting skills learnt, as well as the personal skills developed as a result of working within a group context for the projects and the difficulties that this often presents.

This assignment is very much about the quality of the reflection undertaken on an individual basis and the insights gained as a result of participating in the Business Projects Unit of Study. It is NOT a discussion of the process and stages undertaken to develop the Business Project!

Marking Criteria down blow, plz make sure cover all the point

Marking Criteria: Individual Learning Portfolio

Reflection HD D CR P P-
Reflection of learning process
Reflection upon learning acquired throughout the Business Project Unit of study and MMGT
Management Skills/Team Dynamics HD D CR P P-
Evaluation of management / consulting insights
Evaluation of consulting performance of the team
Reflection upon team handling of Project successes and challenges
Reflection on team dynamics and your individual role and ability to function and contribute in a team environment
Structure HD D CR P P-
Clarity of purpose and expression, logical flow to discussion
Use of literature/knowledge/theory to structure and support the discussion
Professional communication skills
Conforming with instructions on layout, word length etc.

Marking Criteria: Thought Leadership Piece 10%

Analysis HD D CR P P-
Ability to correctly identify the business issues to be addressed by the project
Degree of wider industry relevance of issues discussed in the piece.
Originality the degree to which the idea is unique and breaks new ground.
Practical quality of value added for the partner organisation
Professional style and communication
Validity presence of an evidence based discussion
Conforming with instructions as to layout, word length etc.