leadership in Contemporary Organisations

How to complete this section:
You must answer three questions of your choosing, in your own words, using 150-200 words. These questions are to be written as you would in an exam – so no references, and it is designed to be primarily an intellectual exercise where you get to demonstrate your understanding of the key concepts taught in the unit. Use the +/- 10% rule for the word count, submit in MS Word format. Do not copy and paste from the Net – Urkund has been enabled to make sure you do not do so. You have until the due date/time to complete the questions. Focus on answering the questions directly and DEMONSTRATING your knowledge of the key issues relevant to the particular questions. Remember this section is only worth 10% and was originally designed to be written within one hour, so make sure you manage your time across all three parts of the final quiz.
Choose and answer 3 (three) of the following questions in 150-200 words. Clearly indicate the question you are answering in your MS Word document response:
Question 1: What does Fiedlers contingency theory suggest that we can and cannot do as leaders?
Question 2: The Hershey-Blanchard model suggests that we can change our leadership style to suit given situations. When can we do this and how would we know?
Question 3: How can we use values to establish the type of culture we desire in our organisation?
Question 4: Why is charismatic leadership good and bad?
Question 5: How does path-goal theory take into account the situation?

These are short questions for final exam of the subject \”leadership\”. You have to answer only 3/5 questions. You do not have to reference anything, I put 1 reference in the order because I was not able to skip it. You should make only about 190 words for 3 questions. thank you so much.