Learning a New Skill

Extended analogy essay. My topic is… learning a New Skill. You have to ask yourself What is it like? has to something concrete and easy to understand ude three points of comparison to focus on. It must be developed in enough detail to explain the analogy itself and its implications

The essay needs to be 5 paragraphs and contain 5-8 sentences each. It needs introduction and thesis and explain and elaborate on the topic. and it may suggest the purpose of the essay. Thesis should be last sentence of introduction paragraph.

Each body paragraph of the three paragraphs with topic sentence that identifies the point of comparison. The body of the essay should focus on primarily on the elements that they do share.

The essay is a point by point essay. and focused on abstract.

the last paragraph is the conclusion to summarize the evidence that has been presented. the essay should end by it coming to a natural and graceful end by concluding with a profound closing thought on the subject.

It has to be meaningful.