Learning Diary

This is for Anthropology of Sexuality. Please do a Learning Diary based on these powerpoint presentations, i will provide 5 weeks meaning 5 entries.. Please follow the instructions below carefully.. and also, please give me a draft in 3 days if possible.. Thanks

A space for reflection
What have you learned during the module and what has your learning experience been like.
Probably 3-5 entries? Open. Reflexive. Try to refer to relevant materials and themes but this can be personal.


Has studying the anthropology of sexuality opened any new perspectives on your understanding of sexuality, gender, intimacies?
Has studying for the module offered any new insights on your main degree discipline? If so how describe?
How might you employ or the perspectives explored during the module to understand your own life experience/studies?
Any texts/readings that have resonated with you? Why? How?

Personal reflections can come especially to the fore in your learning diary. This 1000 word piece of work is designed as a place in which you can write about any key thoughts or ideas that have come to you during the course of the module. Anthropologists typically keep detailed diaries during their ethnographic work, and you are encouraged to do the same during the course of the module.

The learning diary that you submit for assessment should consist of 4-5 entries, each of which should say something about your learning process during the module. You might consider, for example, how the module might have informed your thinking about sexuality. You might disagree with some of the perspectives explored during the module and you could write about that. As a first diary entry I suggest that you might focus on your initial encounters with anthropology and the anthropology of sexuality. For some of you anthropology is a new subject, and so you can reflect on how it compares to your main degree subject. For those of you studying anthropology already you might relate the module to themes and issues that you have explored in your studies so far. We will discuss such questions during the introductory lecture