Learning Journal – My entrepreneurial journey

Subject name : Global Entrepreneurship
Learning Journal – My entrepreneurial journey
Due date : Sunday, 13 November 2016, 1:00 AM

This journal assignment must include these 10 sections:

1. Reflect on content and activities covered in the workshops.
I attached the document files, powerpoint slide and website links. Please summarise for each week\’s workshop content. There are 6 workshops.

week 1 workshop
7934 lecture 1.pptx

week 2 workshop
Global entrepreneurships week 3 current news story rivew Donggi KIM u3103943.docx

week 5 workshop
DYSON Vacuum inventor Sir James Dyson interview.docx
7934 lecture 5.pptx

week 7 workshop
lecture 6.pptx

week 10 workshop
why ventures fail frederick4e_oc_ch11_05.docx

week 13 workshop
7934 lecture 13.pptx

2. Describe how you practised any entrepreneurial skills
I attached my first assignment \’Global Entrepreneurship Assessment 2 (Steve Baxter) u3103943 Donggi KIM (1)\’. Write entrepreneurial skills based on my first assignment.

3. Awareness and reflections on topical entrepreneurial news items
Please write it based on news articles.

4. Interactions with social media regarding entrepreneurial activities

5. Entrepreneurial communication and networking completed

6. Entrepreneurial interviews & industry discussions conducted

7. How you generated and applied inspiration

8. How you increased and applied your Creativity & Innovation

9. How you reviewed your Risk-Taking
I attached template of risk management plan template. Refer this.

10. How you applied your Social and Ethical Responsibility (How did you try and maken the world a better place)