Legal Systems & Government Structures

This assignment is a series of 3 journal entries. Our assignment is to identify the Customary Law System, the Religious Law System, and the Mixed Law System.

The first journal entry (limited to 625 words) is to write a summary of the three law systems mentioned above. List all sources (including full identification of websites and not just web addresses) at the end of each journal entry. Sources DO NOT count toward word limit.

The second journal entry (limited to 625 words): We are to identify 5 countries that follow one of the systems of government listed above. We are to write a brief country profile of each country\’s legal system. The countries selected are: Andorra, Saudi Arabia, Vatican City, Japan, and the Philippines. Again, all sources must be listed at the end of the journal entry.

The third journal entry is to write a detailed profile of Vatican City\’s system of government and its legal system. Discuss the main structures of government within that country. What makes Vatican City unique? This assignment is limited to 1300 words. List all sources at the end of this journal entry.

All sources used for each journal entry should be listed AFTER each journal entry, NOT all sources used listed at the end of everything. Essentially, these are three separate assignments that are to be submitted at one time.

This professor is also a lawyer, and she sends all papers through a program checking for plagiarism, and we have been warned that anyone found cheating will be expelled from the university.