Lesson Plan 1

Course Text: Read 1-9
Title: Building Teachers: A Constructivist Approach to Introducing Education
Edition: 2nd (2014)
Author: Martin, Loomis
Publisher: Cengage
Book ISBN: 978-1133943013

Create your own lesson plan. In order to do this you need to be familiar with useful online resources. Search the internet to find various lesson plans. You can use the following websites or choose one of your own:
? Scholastic?
? The Lesson Plans Page?
? Discovery Education?
? Lesson Plan?
Asking the correct questions before writing the actual lesson plan is very important. This video will demonstrate the importance of asking questions about your objectives or goals, the student?s or audience and assessing each objective. Review this U.S. Department of Education site about effective lesson planning: https://lincs.ed.gov/programs/teal/guide/lessonplanning
Once you have explored the different websites, you will create one lesson plan. Choose your grade level, subject area, and create one lesson. Incorporate the ideas you have learned about differentiated instruction so far in the course.
You can create your own lesson plan template, use the schools Lesson Plan template , or use one you find on the Internet. Your lesson plan will include the following:
? Your name, class grade level( 5th Grade), and subject area ( ELA)
? Lesson topic
? Instructional goals for the lesson
? Applicable standards ( NYS Common Core)
? Guiding questions or essential question
? Resources and materials used
? Opening Activity
? Methods for Instruction
? Review
? Assessment

This Assignment addresses the following unit learning outcome:
? Plan lessons that include technology-based instructional methods.