Lesson plan

Each student will develop an exercise program that is developmentally appropriate for any age group, consider the level you would like to be working with (children, teenagers, college students, women, men, athletes, sedentary, elderly, special populations).

Individually, you will create a ONE fitness lesson at the level ( what age group, population- athletes, elderly? ) you select.

Here is where you will put your ONE lesson plan that needs to be typed using the College of Education, COE, format.. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT IT CAN NOT BE THE SAME LESSON PLAN AS THE ONE YOU WILL USE FOR YOUR TEACHING VIDEO. Be descriptive. Please remember to use the proper sunshine state standards and demonstrate that you have a clear understanding on how to implement the FEAPS listed on the original instructions for this project. You may site the FEAPS I have listed for this project on your lesson plans, but the lessons themselves must demonstrate this understanding. Here are the FEAPS you must master through this project :
:*Demonstrate how to modify instruction and appropriately respond to preconception and misconceptions in the arena of fitness ( mastery of FEAPS)*Demonstrate how the subject matter relates to other disciplines and life experiences (mastery of FEAPS)*Demonstrate a CLEAR Knowledge of lifetime health, wellness, and physical fitness.
*** You may also read over my course syllabus for other FEAPS you must master in this course and use those in your lessons as well.

The lesson plan CANNOT be dribbling of a basketball, or flag football:passing and receiving to a partner, or like the example in the attachment. I would like for it to be something that is relatively easy that I can record at home, targeting adults. (I will have to apply this lesson plan into a teaching video, so I will be following everything on it).