Letter for Richard Van Camp, Night Moves

For the book called: Night Move by Richard Van Camp:
These are the instructions set by the professor:
Using the form of a letter to the author, discuss the issue and identify what especially engaged you in their text, and why.
a focused analysis in the letter. We are expecting you to consider the many ways the text extends, or deepens your understanding of the issue that has taken your attention. What does it reveal? What do you learn about being human when you consider this issue? What is significant about the issue, in your view?
Ideas for issues: you might focus on a particular human problem (imperfect love, for instance) or situation that you think the author is exploring (how the past haunts the present) ; an idea in the way characters are presented and behave; an idea expressed by the way the story is structured. Alternatively, you may wish to analyse the language and/or form of the work. If you focus on language or form, you might consider how specific structures or use(s) of language create a deeper level of meaning/significance that help you to better understand the richness of the text and suggest something about human experience.
These sample questions should help you to get started: did the text lead you to think differently about the world, about being human or about writing as a creative process? Did it deepen, or confirm, views you now hold? Did it challenge you to see things differently? If so, how? Why do you think this is important? How did the author achieve this through narrative, character interaction and/or structure and language?
For the sources and references, use examples from the text to explain the significance of the points that you are talking about.

The novel is written by Richard Van Camp, who belongs to the indigenous people in Canada and he tries to explore the problems found in that culture. The novel is made up of several short stories where each tackles down different problem in the society such as violence, love, family relations, and sexual orientations.