Lit review and synthesis paper

Final Paper: Final literature review and synthesis paper. This assignment is designed to allow students to search the literature to find the best evidence to address the problem, synthesize the evidence, and explain how this intervention can be applied in practice.Introduction This will be a revised version of Paper 1(Clinical Question Paper One which I already included in the attachement).Search methods Conduct a search of the literature to find 6 articles. Articles can include original studies, systematic reviews of the literature, and meta-analyses. These articles should provide evidence that can specifically answer your clinical question. The literature search will be described and include how you conducted the literature search: which databases did you search, which search words did you use, and what limits did you use. (NOTE: how many articles resulted from your search and how many of these you reviewed go into the results section.) If you searched an evidence-based site such as Cochrane or if you searched specific sites to find gray literature include that information. For example you might write,A literature search was completed using Cochrane Collaboration, Medline, and CINAHL When searching Medlineand CINAHL evidence-based filters were used. Inclusion criteria were years 2012 to 2017, English language, and research article. Key search words were “adolescent,” “menstruation,” and “education.”Include the final number of articles reviewed. Include any EB guidelines, e.g. American Heart Association, or other resources you retrieved from the “gray literature”. Ideally, you want research articles within the last 10 years, but older research articles may be necessary – consult with faculty if in doubt.Search results summary Start with a general summary of what was found – number identified, excluded (for what reason), what types of studies. Mention themes identified, if possible (this can be elaborated further in the discussion section). Then, briefly/succinctly summarize and appraise each included article including the type of study (method and design) (qualitative, quantitative, descriptive, quasi-experimental, mixed methods, etc.), level of evidence, sample, findings, strength of study, and limitation of study. Use feedback from the paragraphs included with the article appraisals for quantitative, qualitative, meta-analysis, and mixed methods to guide your writing style here.Discussion and synthesis of search results This is where you synthesize the information identified in the literature search. After discussing individual studies, synthesize the research (As a whole what does it say? What’s missing {gaps}?). Include a subsection on limitations of your review. Remember there are risks to using others’ reviews & analyses.• Clinical implications and conclusions (synthesis) Explain how the intervention can be applied in clinical practice and identify the setting and specific population. Summarize each article.• Synthesize the literature: what it says as a whole, where the articles differ and agree, and what gaps are in the literature.Close on a positive note.