Literature Analysis

This order is a two part order. The first part is the Literature Analysis: Topic Identification and Bibliography Template. I will attached the template which as you read it is self explanatory. I selected the topic to be, \”Radicalization Behind Prison Walls.\” Please complete the template as it the first part of this assignment.

The second part will be the complete and final paper which needs to be at least 12 pages. The instructions are as follows:
For the final assignment in this course, you are to write a Literature Analysis paper that builds upon the research in one of the fields that we have studied. This project will be the culmination of the Topic Identification and Bibliography that you submitted in Module/Week 3. Your paper should 12 pages in length and should incorporate at least 13 scholarly sources, all of which must be cited on the final bibliography page. It is important that you synthesize the information from your research in order to create a well-blended paper. Also, remember that the purpose of this paper is to analyze what the scholastic literature has to say on a particular portion of the criminal justice/criminology field. Organize and format your paper according to APA style. If you need more help understanding how to analyze scholastic literature consult the corresponding section in your APA manual. Include the following elements in your paper:
Title page including a running head
Abstract and key words
o Introduction concluding with your thesis statement
o Discussion of key terms
o How this topic fits within the field of criminal justice/criminology
o What conclusions can be drawn from the scholarship on the subject
o Application in a real world context
Conclusion (Make sure you reflect back upon your thesis statement and make adjustments as needed.)