Literature Review

The ?literature? in a literature review simply refers to the published sources on a particular topic. Aliterature review is not only a summary of the sources, as an annotated bibliography is.
FOUR articles about antibiotic resistance:
–?Combating Antibiotic Resistance? (this is a PDF from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) (access through Google: type in the title and FDA and it will come up on the FDA?s website. Click on the link near the top ?Download PDF.? This PDF is what you need to read).

–?Infection Raises Specter of Superbugs Resistant to All Antibiotics? by Sabrina Tavernise and Denise Grady (access through Google: type in title in quotes and authors names and it will come up).

–?Antibiotic resistance is not theoretical: the threat is real and immediate? by Mandeep Dhaliwal (access through Google: type in the title in quotes and author?s name and it will come up).

–?We Need Antibiotics. They?re Not Profitable To Make. Who Pays?? by Maryn McKenna (access through Google: type in title in quotes and author?s name and it will come up).

?The first part of this review examines____________. Next, ___________. After this,___________________. Finally, _________________.? You will then state your thesis at the end of the abstract. For example, ?A review of these articles suggests_______________.?–After the abstract you will need an introduction , which introduces the central theme of the topic; in the introduction you will give an overview and background information. –After the introduction comes the body. In the body you will discuss, analyze, compare/contrast, and synthesize the sources. The body may touch on the following: different areas of focus in the field, recent developments in the field, areas of controversy among experts in the field, areas of agreement.
–Finally, in the conclusion, you will discuss what conclusions you have taken from the literature you have reviewed: what recommendations do you have? You will need to give headings to each section: everyone will have an Abstract, Introduction, Conclusion section that is labeled. You will also need to label the sections in the body of the paper. First you will need to figure out how you want to organize the body and label the sections accordingly (such
as ?Effects of_________?; ?Symptoms of __________? ?Researchers Agree_________? ?Researchers
Disagree__________?). Go to the links below to look at how different students chose to organize the body of their literature review. The literature review also has a works cited section.