literature review

this is a group assignment , my part in this assignment is to solve the first two points of question 2

first point :- Assess if the most important (if not all relevant) impacts of the legalisation and the operation of Uber have been quantified in both physical and monetary terms in Deloitte Economics (2016).use only the provided paper as a reference for this point , word limit is 350 strictly applied

second point :- Provide qualitative assessment on potential biases and inaccuracies in those quantifications and estimates conducted, reported and used in Deloitte Economics (2016). word limit is 350 strictly applied , you can use up to 5 references .

another member in the group will do the third point .

Frequently Asked Questions & Support
1) for Question 2, are we required to use more sources than Deloitte Economics (2016)?

Answer: Yes. You can use those references of Assignment 2. In this question, you need to provide critical assessment on the quality of Deloitte Economics (2016). In doing so, you need to use the wider literature than the report to make your arguments, discussions, justification critical.

second part of the assignment :

question 3 :- Discuss the social impacts of the proposed levy of $2 per ride . there are some sources provided in the paper in order to help you solve the question , aim for higher grade read the frequently asked questions & answers below . word limit 800 strictly applied

Frequently Asked Questions & Support
2) for question 3, are we required just to use the sources you have provided us with to justify our responses?

Answer: Both Yes and No. This is the synthesis of your views and arguments in presenting your views. Simple frameworks can be used to answer this question. However, if you have wider literature (data & information) to support your arguments, then you marks will be higher. Note that you need to read the marking criteria to see where your answers stay in the scale (i.e. excellent or just pass).

i will provide you with the second assignment , assignment Q&A , Deloitte Economics paper .assignment description and CRA (FOLLOW THEM TO ACHIVE A GOOD GRADE )