literature review about social emotional need for gifted students in Saudi Arabia

Dear writer this is part 2 of my research related my previous research which was part one summary of the SLR Approach.
this part 2 including:
1. Title
2. Introduction and Theoretical
Statement of the Problem
Justification for the study
Research Question(s)
Purpose of the Study
3. METHOD – Summary
Inclusion/Exclusion criteria
Figure 1: FLOW diagram
Table 1: Study Characteristics
4. Results
a. Studies included/excluded
b. Table 2: Summary of themes
c. Overall outcomes
5. Discussion
a. Summary of evidence
b. Discussion of themes
6. Ethical considerations
7. Limitations and Delimitations
8. Conclusion
9. References
10. Review Coherence
Dear writer part one has introduction and problem and purpose and SLR just you need to to continue with abstract and result and discussion and conclusion and the rest of Elements that i typed above
dear writer
i will attach some word files to you i need to use and based on including:
1/ part one to complete part tow accordingly.
2/ some details i collected from my references and i made paraphrase to them it is ready to use just put link words and organised them even conclusion i put it.
3/references list just you need to rewrite them by APA style.

dear writer i need my previous part 1 with this part 2 together. the total of tow part will be about 4500 words