Literature Review (Milo Cricket)


It is mandatory that the report contains the following framework. Details are as mentioned.

Step 1: Literature review: There should be a brief but insightful literature review on marketing system and community engagement. The literature review reflects a strong platform to be examined throughout the report. A good literature review considers the contemporary theories which are practiced in local and international marketing strategies.

Step 2: Writing case on Milo cricket applying event sequencing map: There is ample secondary data available to draw upon for an effective case on Milo cricket program. This program is already claimed as one of the most successful community engagement programs in Australia. A secondary data search will enable students to capture many events which should be recorded in event sequencing map in three categories mentioned in three different boxes below.

Time of the event


Relevance to marketing system and community engagement theories.

In order to describe the case, events should be captured by time, so that themes can be generated. In the description box, a brief explanation is needed to describe each event. In the last box (those relevant to marketing systems and community engagement theories) one or more theories should be mentioned.

Step 3: Constructing theoretical framework in Popplet: After designing the event sequencing map, a theoretical framework should be developed. The theoretical framework is different from event sequencing map because the events are linked to particular marketing system and community engagement theories. These theories should be organized from box three (relevant to marketing systems and community engagement theories) in the event sequencing map. The Popplet map has two implications. Firstly, students should design it for report writing and should be attached as an appendix in the report. Secondly, the Popplet map is to be presented in class (the presentation format is described later).

Step 4: Explain and justify theoretical framework: In this stage, students should explain the theoretical framework and its implication in the business world. Students are expected to apply marketing system and community engagement theories in order to justify its relevance to current marketing practices. It is expected students should be forward looking by suggesting why these theories are pivotal to developing marketing strategies. It is also recommended that students should develop a critical argument in-favor or against why the chosen theories offer a stronger business platform to Nestle (the owner of the Milo brand).