Literature review on Dignity at the end of life

Literature review on Dignity at the end of care. Using CINAHL database, as Ellis (2013) suggest for high quality peer reviewed journal articles (use mostly primary reseach articles, done in U.K. Can include few from EU and USA as their healthcare are similar to ours).
Refine research to most recent of last 5 years although older ones can be excluded if important (relavent). Must have an Introduction, Literature search, how it was done, (include how many hits for every refine option, using also Boolean mode) , Core themes identified from the literature review, one of which must be communication, must also include staff attiitudes and understanding of Dignity at the end of life, how the subject is promoted the NHS constituency and values, any gaps in the research if any, and conclusion. Reference list Harvard style in alphabetical order.
3000 word Essay