Literature: The Self and The World, writing in the long eighteenth century

3500 max word essay (the word count includes footnotes but excludes the essay title and the bibliography).The essay should demonstrate how any two or more authors engage with your chosen topic.Discuss writers from both parts of the course (ie. weeks 1-5 and 6-10) with relation to one of the following themes:intertextuality, fate, free will, history, gender, politics, creation, heroes and/or heroines, the role of the author.[consider the scope of the works you use: an essay on two sonnets is not as ambitious as, say, a comparison between Wollstonecraft and Milton’s Eve.]Students will be credited for the independence of their research: this could include using online resources and databases to find texts, writing on authors or texts not covered in seminars, dealing with complex and ambitious works, or taking an original approach.Please write on the topic of FREE WILL or CREATION in the following texts as the main comparison (week 1-5 option):Frankenstein (Shelley)Paradise lost (Milton)and choose between the following for some additional comparison (to cover the weeks 6-10)Byron- Don juanColeridgeWordsworthOpie- Adeline MowbrayAustin- EmmaOR ANOTHER 18TH CENTURY ROMANTICISM ERA WORK, just run it by me first 🙂