Living Longer

Catastrophe and Infection

Question – When a natural disaster such as an earthquake, tsunami or cyclone/hurricane occurs there are often consequences in terms of infectious diseases which follow. The severity and effects of these diseases vary widely according to the nations or regions affected. Select one of these recent disasters and examine what infections arose, why they happened, and how seriously they afflicted the societies concerned.

? Relate when answering to subject Living Longer: relate to health & life expectancy

? A minimum of 10 and maximum of 20 peer-reviewed journal articles
? Can use online sources, however need to be reputable = BBC News, CNN, Data from WHO.

Essay style: somewhat argumentative
? 2000 words (leeway +/- 10%)
? Introduction required (state what you are going to argue on the report, detailed)
? Conclusion required
? Organize argument well (topic sentence for every paragraph)
? Focus

You are not expected to produce work of stunning originality that will
solve the world\’s problems. But you are expected to be inquiring,
critical, and thoughtful.